Hello guys! I am Tolgahan from ESCin5 team and I am here with our first interview of this year’s Eurovision season!😎  It was a big pleasure for me to have an interview with the beautiful singer TAYANNA from Ukrainian national selections for Eurovision Song Contest 2017!

First of all, I wanna thank a lot to TAYANNA. I prepared some questions and she gave us very sincere answers. We really loved TAYANNA and we hope that you will also like her!😍



TAYANNA, her fully name is Tatyana Reshetnyak. She started to build her career with a girl music band Goryachiy Shokolad, in English, Hot Chocolate. After being a part of this girlband, she wanted to continue her career solo. She participated The Voice of Ukraine 2014 and 2015. In year 2015, she became runner-up in the competiton. It was a very good success for her solo-career. Nowadays, she is very excited! She want to represent her country Ukraine in Eurovision 2017. Her song “I Love You” is very promising. She has a good voice, she is beautiful, she is attractive, she is TAYANNA!  In our opinion, she can really win the national final. We hope that she will win and we will meet with her in Ukraine!

Let’s look at her answers. What she said to Turkish Eurovision fans and ESCin5 followers. 

Firstly, hello Tayanna! We are really glad to have an interview with you! 
– Hello Turkey! I am TAYANNA from Ukraine. This year, I am participating Ukrainian national selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2017. I am very happy to present my Eurovision song “I Love You” I hope that you will like it. You can follow me on! Love from Tayanna!

1.First of all, why do you want to represent Ukraine in ESC?

Each contest is an upgrade, an opportunity to rise to a higher level. It is a great honor to represent your country on the international level. I want to be a worthy candidate. A moment has come and I realized that I am empowered to get my thoughts and feelings across a large audience. My main message is that even after an unreturned or tragic love you should keep on believing in this wonderful feeling and not give up in despair. I don’t know whether there is anything more important than love – for parents, for kids, for husband or wife or for your country…


2.We know that you worked on your Eurovision National Selection song “I LoveYou” with Max Barskikh who is one of the most popular artists in Ukraine. How was it?

– I was lucky to meet such a bright, interesting and talented person as Max Barskih. He is a good friend and a wonderful composer. The song “I love you” is our first experience in common work. I wrote the main part of the music and Max acted as a sound-producer, wrote the lyrics of the verses and English lyrics. At the same time he made it clearer not only for Ukrainian listeners but for foreign ones as well. 


3.Can you describe your song with a sentence?

– Love in spite of everything!

4.What are your goals on Eurovision and also on your music life?

I really hope that the song “I love you” will resonate in the hearts of many women all over the world. It’s my personal story, familiar to many people. And I call out not to give way to melancholic moods from the past in no circumstances, to move on, to be strong and bring love into the world! I have changed a lot in the last year; I’ve started to work with a famous Ukrainian editor Alan Badoev. We have released together my first album EP (mini-album) “TAYANNA. Portraits” which consisted of five tracks. We’ve made clips for each song. And we don’t want to stop at this. The preparation of a new album is ahead and many other interesting things.


5.Turkey is not participating in Eurovision this year but the contest is still a popular topic in Turkey. Do you want to say something for Turkish Eurovision fans?

– I wish Turkey to come back on Eurovision stage as quickly as possible. And I wish every fan to have a beloved person near, whom you can always say: I love you.


6.As a last Q, what is your favorite Eurovision song from Ukraine and from all over Europe ever?

–  Last year “Eurovision” contest was much sought after by Ukrainians. Of course I was not an exception. I liked the song “1944” very much and Jamala’s performance in general. Among the others I should mark “Ne partez pas sans moi” by Celine Dion and “Waterloo” by ABBA.

We, ESCin5 team, we want to say again very special thanks for this great interview to TAYANNA and her crew. We hope that we will see each other in Kiev, in Eurovision 2017! BEST OF LUCK TAYANNA!😍🇹🇷🇺🇦 WE “LOVE YOU” 🙂

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