Interview : Amazing Interview with ZOË!

Hello everyone, good evening Europe! 🙂 We did a very amazing interview with lovely ZOË who represents Austria this year with the charming song “Loin D’ici” and finally this interview is ready to share tonight! So, we can start!!! 🙂

T: Hello lovely Zoë! I am Tolgahan and I am a editor on Turkish Eurovision web site First of all, congratulations for winning the national final and representing Austria this year. We are really happy about this interview because you and your song are our team-favorite this year! We want to see you on top in Stockholm! Last year, our team were in Vienna and actually, we loved that city and we still in love with Austria and we want to come back! Please bring Eurovision to Vienna back! 🙂

ZOË : Hi Tolgahan, thank you very much for your nice words, I am glad that you support me 🙂

T : We can imagine your life now, but I will start with a common question 🙂 How are you? How is life going now?

ZOË : I am fine! I have a really busy time schedule but I love what I am doing and everything is really exciting! The Eurovision comes closer and I hardly can’t wait to go on stage.

T : Why are you really so sweet? 🙂

ZOË : I’m not always that sweet 🙂

T : As you can see on the Internet, Austria is quite popular this year? What do you think about it? Are you happy about feedbacks?

ZOË : I honestly don’t look that much to comments on the internet. That would make me nervous 🙂 But anyway, every nice comment I discover by chance makes me really happy!

T : What does Eurovision mean for you? How is it important for you?

ZOË : I watched the Eurovision since I was a little kid. It has always been my biggest dream to perform on the great Eurovision stage! I am really happy and grateful to represent Austria this year!

T : “Loin d’ici” is a really really harmonious song. The lyrics of song, the rhythm and music of song, French language, your voice, your show, etc. What a harmony really! 🙂 How did you create the song “Loin d’ici?” What did happen?

ZOË : Thank you so much!! I wrote this song together with my father. This was the last song we wrote and recorded for my first album „Debut“. When we first listened to the recording, we both felt that there was something special about it. Maybe just because we did not put any pressure in the writing and recording of this track. We just let it flow. Maybe that’s the reason why it feels so positive and light 🙂 

T : We know that your father is also very popular musician in Austria and you work with your father. How do you feel about it? Is it good working with your father?

ZOË : We both share the love for music and it was such a beautiful process working on the music and lyrics together! We had the best time of our life J And we felt very close.

T : Your first album “Debut” is very quality album! When will you release your second album? Are you working now and have you any plan for future?

ZOË : Thank you so much! My current album will be released in a special edition called „Debut Deluxe“. It will feature „Loin d’ici“ + 4 Bonus tracks. Then, I will be touring a lot. I love playing live with my band. 
I would love to start working on a new album, but the focus is currently on the Eurovision. Anyways I’m getting inspired to write new songs everyday by all the amazingly exciting things that are happening to me for the moment 🙂

T : What is your life-goals?

ZOË : To be happy and live a harmonious life! I want to continue singing in acting and everything else will happen 😉

T : You can see in the social media, you have fans in Turkey. Even though Turkey doesn’t participate more in Eurovision Song Contest, Eurovision is still very popular in our country and Turkish Eurovision fans really support you as we understood. What do you think about it and have you any message to send your Turkish fans?

ZOË : Thank you! I am really grateful and happy that my music reaches also Turkish fans! It shows that music is a universal language and can buld bridges between different countries and cultures! My message to my turkish fans would be: I hope so much to get the chance to play concerts with my band in Turkey one day! And I would be super-happy to see you then!

T : What are you expecting from Stockholm and Eurovision?

ZOË : Eurovision 2016 is the biggest event in my career so far , and I expect an amazing experience that I will always keep in my heart. For the rest of my life. Even if I don’t end up getting very far in the contest. I expect meeting wonderful interesting, music loving people whith whom I’ll be able to share my passion for music . I expect an amazing journey 🙂

T : Did you have a chance to listen to other songs and have you favourite songs?

ZOË : I listened to all of them but I could not tell yet since they are many great songs and so many great artists. In fact, the Eurovision is all about these 3 min on stage and one can only tell if it was a great performance after seeing the live performance. If you don’t manage to connect with the audience in these 3 min, it won’t work, I think.

That’s why, in my opinion, it is very very difficult to name favorites now according to videoclips or previous performances…

T : What will we watch in Eurovision 2016? Will you be alone on the stage? How will be your performance?

ZOË : I’ll be alone on stage. There will be 3 backing vocalists on the B-Stage. The performance will be accompanied by visuals of a fantasy land and a road that I walk on. I continue my way on this path from arid landscapes to the most colorful flower meadows. And I will have the power of magic, transforming a winter landscape into a flower meadow J

The team is currently working on these visuals and I’m very excited to see the first drafts soon!

T : Some interesting detail-questions are coming! 🙂

What is your favorite food?

ZOË : Cheeseburger

Where is your favorite holiday place?

ZOË : South of France

Did you visit Turkey?

ZOË : Sadly, I never had the chance to visit Turkey but I hope to get there very soon!

What do you think about your country?

ZOË : I really like my country. It’s beautiful and save country. We have cities with a big cultural and musical background and a beautiful countryside with mountains,

How can you express yourself with 3 words?

ZOË : Creative, chaotic, passionate

Have you any favorite Eurovision song from Turkey?

ZOË : Sertab Erener – Every way that I can!

T : We really thank you for this great interview. I hope that ESCin5 team will meet with you in Stockholm during the Eurovision marathon. Thank you so much again, we all wish you best of luck. See you there 🙂

ZOË : Thank you very much fort the interview and see you soon 🙂

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