Hello Europe, Its Kyiv Calling!

Hello to everyone from capital of Eurovision 2017, Kiev!

Me Helin Ege Tok and our dear Maral Toprak woke up to our 3rd morning. We explored the city very well in these 3 days.

Our first impressions of the city were not so great. Until we reached home, the only advertısment we saw about Eurovision was in the airport. After turning our money into the Ukrainian gryvnia, we decided to eat at one of the best restaurants in the city because we felt quite wealthy and had a wonderful evening with a very funny money. Because the city has a complete Soviet architecture, it is composed of unnecessarily wide and long streets, so it is difficult to walk from one place to another. Since the taxis take us to the other side of the city at very reasonable prices, we have always provided and possibly will provide transportation through our presence here.

We were so lucky that my Ukrainian friend Tatiana took us to Kiev’s wonderful and touristic places. So the city is incredibly familiar in two days and we started to feel ourselves here. Of course the biggest disadvantage of being here is not being able to agree with anyone. Almost no one can speak a word of English. I think we’ve only met four people who can understand us.

Yesterday we arrived at the International Exhibition Center, where the contest was held to receive our accreditations on April 29th. Nothing was ready yet and I could say it took more than half an hour to get our accreditations. When we wanted to take a picture of our accredıtıon, the security officers came and covered it and said “no photo no photo”. when we asked why,  of course we got Ukrainian answers.

Over the evening our 3 local friends and we the city tour and we saw concerts, flashmobs and a lot of fun on the way as we walked. It looks lıke no war ın the country I sincerely asked my friends how the situation is in the country. They said that there was a war on the east side, but here they said that life continued normally. Of course the reason why they can not spend a lot of money on Eurovision is that the existing money goes to the east. Of course, most people in the country are protesting the Eurovision, but a segment also supportıng the contest.

We woke up early for the morning rehearsals and we came the press center. Nothing is ready yet. Our bags, our pigeon holly (boxes with promo kits), our press kits. We remain positive in every way and give the first day the blunders. (Ahhh ahh how we mıssed Stockholm)

We decided to come early this year because we can not find time to vısıt cıty center every year. Of course I do not know ıf it’s good or bad because today ıs our 4th day we are extremly tired nowadays.

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