ANALYSIS: Czech Republic 2016

(Please be the winner,then we can go to Prague…)


Sweden’s capital Stockholm will be the host of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 and Czech Republic will represent with the song I Stand performing with her beautiful hands by Gabriela Gunčíková!


Let’s talk about this years Czech representer and her song;






So,very check!

So what we can say any more to them,except “Let’s make a lemonade!”

Czech Republic has a really short history on Eurovision stage. Everybody expect some classical sounds but they surprised everyone with sending a metal band Kabat.

When they return to the stage in following year,there was couple sexy dancers on the stage but unfortunately they didn’t make it again.

So with the old name Czechoslovakia,never saw the Grand Final in the competition.

Gabriela was just 23 years old when she was one of the finalist in Česko Slovenská SuperStar.

She finish in the 2nd place,but became more popular than the winner. In following year she signed an album contract with Universal Music Group and released very first album Dvojí tvář.

In 2011 she won the NEW ARTIST AWARD in Český Slavík Awards(aka Czech Grammy).

She graduated from the trainings of American vocal coach Ken Tamplin and just joined an American rock band called Trans-Siberian Orchestra. She made 120 shows and 2 tours with the band,then left.

Czech broadcasting channel CT directly picked the representer for this year and gave their flag to Gabriela Gunčíková. 

She worked with an international team includes Christian Schneider, Aidan O’Connor and Sara Biglert for her song. Result of the work : I Stand.

With her beauty and magical voice,we can call her mother nature. And she one of favorite of this years competition.

Gabriela proved us that she has an incredible voice in her very amateur music video with a shocking entrance.


We are so ready to another favorite performance of Stockholm!

Good luck,country with charming Prague,Czech Republic!

What ESCin5 is saying for Belarus?

Ersin: They always have to make some simple choices like this. Love it! I added to my playlist,
but i’m really worrying about the song will spend! 5 Points!

Helin Ege : They can do whatever they want but no any other song will be like Hope Never Dies. Is that song bad? No but it doesn’t carry them to the final. 3 Points!

Kemal Can : I’m in love with Czech Republic’s song as same like last year! Verynice song. Gabriela has a really powerful voice. Totally sure about she’ll have a big effect on us . 4 Points!

Latif Can : The song is like born to die. So boring. I really don’t get it,are they never saw the statistics of last years when they prepare the song? 1 Point!

Maral: Sorry gus but no any other song can be like ope Never Dies. Sorry but no sorry. Eliminated! 1 Point!

Nazif: Nice song than the last year, music video is really nice and if they’ll prepare a nice show for the stage this time they can make it. 3,5 to 4 Points!

Tolgahan : Very good. Enough bad luck,let’s see the final Czech Republic. 5 Points!

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  1. Hey, she was actually 17 (!!!) years old when she was one of the finalist in Česko Slovenská SuperStar.

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