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Hello everyone! I am Tolgahan and today, we are continue to analyze this year’s Eurovision songs!
Today’s stop is a very charming country in the middle of Europe, it is AUSTRIA! Actually, their representative is also very charming, she is lovely Zoë! 

This year, Austria will be represented by the young talent Zoë! 

Who is Zoë?

Zoë Straub was born in the Austrian capital city, Vienna, on 1 December 1996. Her parents are also popular musicians in Austria. Her father is Christof Straub and her mother is Roumina Straub. She recorded her first song when she was 4 years old! At the age of six, she featured in a song by her parent’s musical project. In year 2007, Zoë participated in the Austrian kids music competition Kiddy Contest, where she covered Nicole’s “Engel ohne Flügel”.
She studied in French High School in Austria for 9 years, that’s why Zoë love French and can speak very well!

First steps and first experience for Eurovision!

Zoë started to build her own music career in year 2013. In 2015, she acted on Austrian famous TV series Vorstadtweiber.
In 2015, she participated with her song “Quel Filou” in the Austrian national final for Eurovision 2015 which was called “Wer Singt für Österreich 2015? ” She eventually placed third with the song “Quel filou”, written by  herself and her father, Christof Straub.

After the national final, she focused her first studio album which is called “Debut” and in October 2015, she released her first studio album “Debut”. In this album, we can listen 12 beautiful French songs. It is really a creative and original album! You should listen to it!
Debut instantly entered the Top 5 of Austria’s Top 40 album charts. Her singleMon coeur a trop aimé” was the one of the most popular songs of last year.

*She also performed live at Rathausplatz while Vienna was serving as the host city of Eurovision Song Contest 2015.*

“Loin d’ici” 

On 12.January 2016, Austrian Television ORF announced the finalist of this year’s national final and she was announced as one of the participants of the national final for Eurovision 2016. After that, Zoë released her song “Loin D’ici”s new version with lyrics-video on 21.January and she became very popular in Austria before the national final.

The second trial in “Wer Singt für Österreich?” : Successfully completed!✅

She was the hot favorite before the national final and on 12.February, she won the live show as people expected.

As a result, she had the right to represent her country Austria in 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden.

“Loin d’ici”

“Loin d’ici” was written by Zoë and Christof Straub. She released her song’s Eurovision version on 5.February. It’s a really a very catchy and beautiful pop song! Actually, this song gives positive energy a lot and makes people happy. The lyrics are very nice and positive. Her voice is also very romantic and beautiful.

Loin d’ici” tells a story of search for paradise. In this context, paradise is not a physical location but an inner image which everyone can find for themselves. The song is meant to make people smile and simply feel good”, ZOË explains the idea behind her song.

Dans un pays loin d’ici
À la recherche du paradis
Dans un pays loin d’ici
On chante, on chante..

In a land, far from here
Searching for the paradise
In an land far from here
They’re singing

She will represent Austria with this sweet song and will try to do her best  in Stockholm  where she will perform in the second half of the first semi-final to qualify for grand final!

Her official music video released on 15.3.2016.
It is an very artistic and creative video! I really liked the idea that using pastel colors in background. Especially, the clouds. I really liked them, so nice!

What ESCin5 thinks about Austria 2016?

Tolgahan : ZOË and her song”Loin D’ici” is definetely my favorite this year! Austria deserves really good place in this year’s show. I really love this song! Very positive and catchy! From me the highest point goes to Austria, 5 points! ❤️

Kemal Can : I adore this very sweet song! Very catchy, very positive, very beautiful song! I strongly believe that she will be on top in the grand final of Eurovision 2016! from me, 5 points with stars! ❤️💫

Latif Can : Very sweet song! I am sure that this song will be on top in voting. Very catchy and memorable! 5 points!

Helin Ege :  I really love this sweet French song and even though she deserves good place, I don’t think Austria can have good place in this year’s voting. 4 points!

Maral : If the background won’t be with flowers and butterflies etc. , I would love this song more than now! Please, background should be much more attractive. I don’t want to see staging like national final again! Really strong and good song, it is really harmonious in French. Actually, I cannot imagine this song in English. French is the best for this positive song! 5 points!

Nazif Can : I am really happy that this song is in French but I think this song very repetitive and it sounds to me like “Kindergarten” songs. 3 points!

Ersin : I don’t think that this song will have good place in voting but it cannot change it: the song sounds like cotton candy! 4 points!

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