ANALYSIS: Armenia 2016

Today’s stop is Armenia!

This year Armenian national tv channels choice is Iveta Mukuchyan!

Iveta Mukuchyan

She was born in Armenia but when she was 5 years old her parents moved to Germany. So, she went school and grew up in Hamburg. After her parents advice she returned to Armenia in 2009.

Same year she participated to a song contest call Hay Superstar and she came in fifth place. In 2012 she participated to The Voice of Germany. She performed Loreen’s Euphoria and she was choosen by Xavier Naidoo to be a part of his team. In the same year she was named the sexiest Armenian by El Style magazine. She was featured in record producer Lazzaro’s single Freak and she gained lot of reaction in Armenian media.

How much 2012 was a lucky year for her i guess this year is much better than 2012. If we put aside to real that she is represent her country in Eurovision, she also starred alongside Mkritch Arzumanyan in the adventurous comedy Run Away or Get Married, which was released in March 2016. When Arzumanyan offered the role to Mukuchyan she hasitated because of her no prior acting experience. But Arzumanyan wasnt looking for an ‘actor’. He simply wanted Iveta to be herself, after all, this was the character he was looking for.

When national channel peresented that Iveta will represent Armenia they also asked all song writers to send them a song for Iveta. After all they received almost 300 songs from all over the world including famous song writers and composers. At the end the song whom belongs to Stephanie Crutchfield, Lilith Navasardyan, Levon Navasardyan and Iveta Mukuchyan has choosen.

Iveta; “The one we chose touched me deep inside my heart. I didn’t even know that a song could touch me like that”.

The music video for “LoveWave” was separately shot in Germany and Armenia, and features Mukuchyan and Swedish model Ben Dahlhaus.

What ESCin5 thinks about Armenia?

Helin: Okay, song is nice, interesting but i cant stand her voice… If she will bring Ben Dahlhaus to Eurovision stage i might change my mind! 3 points

Ersin: I liked the video clip and the eastern sound but i cant listen more than 2 times. 2 points.

Maral: I thinks its a beautiful song and i liked the background. Im looking forward for the stage performance. 4 points

Nazif: A beautiful song from Armenia, as always. Her voice is amazing, it makes me exciting. I like the instrumental bakcground (there must be some armenian instrument). 4 points.

Kemal: I didnt like the song, there is no integrity within the song. Sorry Armenia 1 point.

Latif: I really liked the song except 2 things. first of all i dont like that it stars with “Hey its me”. Its like Adele… and if it was in english would be much better. 3 points

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