ANALYSES: Bulgaria 2016

Another return? Yes!

Sweden’s capital Stockholm will be the host of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 and Bulgaria will represent by… Don’t look that far away;

from 2011’s Dusseldorf,it’s Poli Genova and her 2016 model song If Love Was a Crime!


This time Bulgaria will try for another Dima Bilan situation for the first victory.

 As you know our neighbour Bulgaria not a totally successful country in Eurovision history. Sometimes they sent also nice songs. But this is the first time BNT sent the same artist again.

29 years old Poli may be a popstar in her country,but also she is a hard worker student,a UNICEF volunteer and old X Factor judge. She performs equally well on TV and on the music and theatre stage.

Poli started her music career when she was 4,with joined popular Bulgarian children’s music group Bon-Bon.

She graduated from The National Music SchoolLjubomir Pipkov“. And it sounds really similar to Turkish people,she can blow clarinet. Then she decided to follow her dreams in artistic way and started film directing at the Bulgarian National Academy for Theatrical and Film Arts.

She is also a TV personality in leading formats X Factor, Dancing with the Stars, I Can Do That, BG TOP 40, Your Face Sounds Familiar,The Magnificient Six and became winner on Musical Academy.


In the same time she had some volunteer works for UNICEF, Bulgarian Christmas Campaign,SOS Children’s Villages,AVON Breast Cancer Awareness,Autism campaigns and some others.

In 2005,2006,2009 she compete in Bulgarian national finals ”EuroBGvision” to represent Bulgaria on the Eurovision,but she failed.

Another try. Success!

She won the EuroBGvision with Na Inat on the way Dusseldorf.


But she became 12th onthe 2nd Semi Final in Dusseldorf,and couldn’t reach to the Grand Final.

In near past she welcomed Europe and hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Do we love returns? Yes!

And now. 2016. Bulgarian Broadcasting Channel BNT announced Poli Genova for represent them in Stockholm. After we had all the songs for 2016’s Eurovision Song Contest,BNT finally announced their song If Love Was a Crime.

The composers and music producers of the song are Borislav Milanov, Sebastian Arman and Joacim Bo Persson. They are all part of Symphonics & REDFLY, which is already a proved brand in the world of pop music. And Poli is the co writer of the lyrics.

It sounds really nice in the beginning. But after couple plays,the sound is not that good to hear. The melodies in the beginning is really popular these days. But the song asked to see the performance on the stage. Na Inat was a rebel song with Poli’s ex style. But with her powerful voice,she may also handle that song pretty good.

So let’s see Poli’s performance for the final opinions.

Good luck,the land of our neighbours (Komşi) Bulgaria!

What ESCin5 is saying for Bulgaria?

Ersin: This return is like a friend who drops to say hi. It’s sounds good for me,not bad. But they’re not gonna play for the top.But obviously not bad. 3 Points!

Helin Ege : It’s really not good for a cool artist like Poli Genova. I really couldn’t understand why everybody love that song. Not bad,but i was expecting for more original work. 3 Points!

Kemal Can : I was expecting more things from Poli Genova. It doesn’t satisfied me because of my expectation. Song is not bad. 3 Points!

Latif Can : It starts really nice,but in the middle of the song it sounds so familiar,becomes ordinary. Also it’s not that friendly that she wrote the song about gays. 3 Points!

Maral: I really love Poli,but i couldn’t listen all the song. Absolutely not bad,but it doesn’t satisfied me at all. 3 Points!

Nazif: Poli’s voice and the lyrics of the song are really nice. They can reach to a better result if they’ll prepare a nice stage for the show. 3 Points!

Tolgahan : A nice Modern song with memorable beats. 3 Points!

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