ANALYSES: Belarus 2016

Today on our way we have another stop and they call it Belarus!

Let’s be quickly,it’s a bit cold here…

Sweden’s capital Stockholm will be the host of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 and Belarus will be represent with the song Help You Fly performing by Ivan!



Beyaz Rusya,


There are many words to describe Belarus in european languages,but only one participant for 2016: Alexander Ivanov!

Half blood Alexander Ivanov was born as Russian-Belarussian on 29th October 1994 in an eastern city of Belarus called Gomel. Ivanov is also well known in Russia by his self founded band Ivanov. They create some magic in St Petersburg. But before that,Alexander started his musical career in 2009 when her participated at the rock festival Mass Medium Fest.

Also in 2014 Ivanov won the Five Stars Young Artists Contest to represent Russia in Intervision Song Contest 2015 but like a Soviet tradition,contest never happened.

In the following year 2015, IVAN became a super finalist of the TV Project Main Stage in 2015, where he won the award Producers’ Choice.


After some successful years, Ivan decided to compete in Eurofest for being a part of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 as Mr Belarus.

In the final of the Eurofest 2016 he tried to survive with his song Help You Fly between 9 songs and performers.

And… His collaboration with the producer Victor Drobysh and song writer Mary Applegate is worked. This duo is also worked with the 2005’s Nobody Hurt No One by Natalia Podolskaya and 2012’s Party For Everybody by Buranovskie Babushki.

When the winner of the Eurofest 2016 announced,the white screen decorated with the name of Ivan and his song Help You Fly.

Help You Fly has some rebel and nice family son pop-rock sounds on the stage which perfectly fits to Ivan’s out look. With Ivan’s powerful live performance and his mystical atmosphere might have a chance to carry him to the Grand Final.

So you gonna help to Ivan for his flight to the victory? Check and you decide it!

Good luck,the land of long long men Belarus!

What ESCin5 is saying for Belarus?

Ersin: This year i was waiting like a song Eyes That Never Lie. Song is not stable inside,i’m not a fan of it. 2 Points!

Helin Ege : Such a beautiful refrain! I wish all the song becomes from this part of the song. After couple listen,i can’t listen it any more. You coulnd’t do this again Belarus… 2 Points!

Kemal Can : It’s a typical Belarus song. Boring and stable. Not good enough,i don’t think they can reach the final. 2 Points!

Latif Can : Dear god,we don’t want any more Belarussin songs. Of course except 2014… 1 Point!

Maral: I really wanted to say “WHAT A SONG!”.Because it’s a song what i’m looking for every year in Eurovisions. Oh god i can’t stop myself to listen it but i’m worrying because Time couldn’t reach to the finals. I really like it,i mean REALLY. Really waiting for the live performance! 5 Points!

Nazif: Belarus, one of the song i can’t finish to listen. The style of the song and voice of the vocal is not for humans. 1 Point!

Tolgahan : I’m loving that song. Ivan’s style,stage looking and if they can prepare a good show it will be more better. I wish they’ll reach to the final. 4 Points!

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